Attempting to Break The Kayak Cobia Curse

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my kayak-

Day one of 2 targeting cobia in the kayak in the lower chesapeake.. this was set out to be the trip that broke the kayak cobia curse after years of failed trips.. for a long time I never saw one in the kayak, and charter trips I booked got blown out or turned out to be very slow.. it wasn’t until fishing with Jeremy and John last year that I ever caught cobes on my own casts and got some confidence in catching them. Conditions were nearly perfect and fish were definitely around. Having a kayak I could stand in definitely increased my faith I would at least see some fish.. we peddled roughly 9 miles in the searing heat in search of getting our first kayak cobias…

Rod I used - JW-NX761S-MH

Reel I used -

Bag I kept my leader in -

leader I like best -

my camera -
Фантастика 2018

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